Repressive Egypt: Greste, death sentences & el-Sisi’s regime

With multiple journalists unjustly imprisoned simply for doing their jobs, hundreds of (mostly) innocent protesters facing the death penalty, and a generally tumultuous history of repression, despotism and futile revolutions, there’s no shortage of things to be outraged about when it comes to Egypt. The fact that power has changed hands as often as it has, from Mubarak to Morsi to el-Sisi, only further highlights the chaotic and ever-shifting nature of the country’s social and political … Continue reading Repressive Egypt: Greste, death sentences & el-Sisi’s regime

Iraq Explained (Part 2)

If you haven’t done so yet, I recommend reading Iraq Explained (Part 1) for an introduction to the current situation in Iraq. This post is a continuation of the first and will focus on Iranian and US involvement and the impacts the conflict has on the Kurds. Why and how are Iran and the United States involved in the Iraq conflict? The Iranian government, like the … Continue reading Iraq Explained (Part 2)

Iraq Explained (Part 1)

The Middle East is featured in the mainstream media relatively frequently, most often than not for not so cheery reasons. Head on over to your go-to news source right now and you’ll likely be presented with neat, bite-sized snapshots of the ever-complicated turmoil in Syria, a conflict which has left thousands dead and millions homeless, or Afghanistan’s first democratic elections, a process that’s been overshadowed and undermined by Taliban threats, disorganisation, and … Continue reading Iraq Explained (Part 1)