Shocking testimonies at Australia’s Immigration Detention Inquiry

The Australian Human Rights Commission’s National Inquiry into Children in Immigration Detention held its third public hearing today in Sydney. As expected, there’s a lot to be concerned about. Doctors, teachers, former employees of the Immigration Department, and many experienced others described horrendous cases of medical neglect, poor sanitation, and sexual abuse in Australia’s offshore detention centres. If that’s not bad enough, there were also allegations that … Continue reading Shocking testimonies at Australia’s Immigration Detention Inquiry

Election troubles in Afghanistan

The results for Afghanistan’s 2014 presidential election were supposed to be finalized on July 22. However, as many expected, security threats and widespread allegations of fraud have continually delayed the process. While we wait for the third recount of votes to recommence on Thursday, following the end of Ramadan, let’s take some time to have a closer look at just exactly what is going on. … Continue reading Election troubles in Afghanistan

Tsagaan Khass: Mongolia’s Neo-Nazis

The first thing you’d encounter if you were looking to join one of Mongolia’s most reported on neo-Nazi organisations, the Tsagaan Khass, is lingerie. Adorned with swastikas and portraits of Mongolian heroes (think Genghis Khan), the group’s official headquarters are neatly tucked away behind a cramped lingerie store in Ulan Bator, the country’s capital and home to about 1.1 million people. Here, the group discusses … Continue reading Tsagaan Khass: Mongolia’s Neo-Nazis

Death toll rising: West Africa’s Ebola epidemic explored

West Africa is currently in the grips of the worst Ebola virus outbreak in recorded history. Since February, when the first case cropped up in Guinea, there have been 1093 individual cases of infection and a substantial 660 deaths (that’s a fatality rate of 60%), with the toll rising steadily each day. Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Liberia are the epicenters of the present epidemic, and … Continue reading Death toll rising: West Africa’s Ebola epidemic explored