1. World & Alternative News Explained and Explored:
The world is a complicated and chaotic place. News outlets and journalists are constantly sifting through ever-increasing troves of information about complex real world events and issues. In so doing, they’ve got to be selective. They’ve got to nitpick and choose the pieces of a story they want to include in their coverage. And, since no story truly has a definite end, or beginning for that matter, they sometimes assume you already know what’s going on.

This blog will focus on the important bits and provide easy to follow but relatively in-depth explorations and summaries of topical (and sometimes not-so-topical) issues. Ideally, it’ll serve as a starting point for further research, as I’m passionate about what’s happening in the world and hope to encourage an all-consuming curiosity in everyone who stumbles onto this blog.

2. Through the eyes of a budding journalist:
In addition to all that, this blog will track my personal journey into the realm of professional journalism. I’ll share with you what I learn about certain news events or the journalism industry generally, opinion pieces, details and updates about my journey and motivations, and whatever else comes to mind.



I’m David Kavanagh: travel nut, newsophile, photographer, writer, and budding journalist with a degree in journalism and politics & international studies from Murdoch University in Western Australia. I was born in Germany, lived in Indonesia a little, but have spent most of my life in Australia. My dream is to one day work as a journo or foreign correspondent anywhere in the world for a (hopefully commercially independent) news company like ABC or VICE news.

I’m incredibly passionate about stories, great and small, and I believe that every person has a unique tale to tell. It’s this, as well as an insatiable curiosity about our world and how it works, that drives me. Part of this curiosity has led me to travel quite a lot – 19 countries so far – from India and Vietnam to the USA and France – and I hope to continue to travel until the day I die. I genuinely believe that travel is the most enlightening, satisfying thing one can do.

Please join me as I make sense of this crazy world of ours.

Happy reading.


Little rascals and I in Komodo, Indonesia. 2014.
Little rascals and I in Komodo, Indonesia. 2014.

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